Differences in Asphalt Shingles

3-Tab Shingles

3-tab are a basic, flat-layer, non-dimensional shingle.
They are light weight, and are typically rated for up to 60 mph winds.
They typically have a shorter life span and warranty than other types of shingles.
Sooner Roofs, LLC does not use 3-tab shingles.
We believe that these shingles are simply not acceptable for use in Oklahoma, given Oklahoma's wind, weather, and hail.
Because we will not use these shingles, we will automatically upgrade all of our customers to an architectural shingle for no additional cost to the customer.
We will assume the increased cost incurred by using these shingles, but given our high standard of excellence, and long term customer service to the customer, this is an easy decision for us to make. 

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are quickly becoming the most popular type of shingle used in Oklahoma.
Architectural shingles cost slightly more than 3-tab shingles, but offer significantly more protection for the house, making them a great value to the customer.
Architectural shingles are typically 50% heavier than 3-tab shingles, and are rated to withstand wind up to 130mph.
Not only are architectural shingles structurally and functionally superior to 3 tab shingles, but they are also much more aesthetically impressive.
A house can be  transformed by switching from a 3 tab shingle to an architectural shingle, giving the roof much more depth and texture, and giving the house much more curb appeal.
Sooner Roofs, LLC, automatically upgrades all of its customers to an architectural shingle, with no cost to the customer. 

Class 4 Shingles

Class 4 shingles come in all styles, including shake, tile, asphalt, etc...
They are the highest rated class of shingles, and provide the best protection for your home.
Class 4 shingles are the heaviest shingle, are rated to withstand up to 130 mph winds, and pass the toughest standard impact tests.
With the increased protection also comes an increased cost, however, even with that increased up-front cost, the customer can actually see savings in the long run.
The savings are not only manifested indirectly through long-term protection, but also directly through home-owners insurance savings.
Most home insurance companies offer a discount to its customers that have Class 4 shingles. Typically these discounts range from 10% to 28% off of your yearly home insurance premium.
Call us for more information on what insurance companies offer.