In-House 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty Inspection Program

Details of the Program

For every new roof that we install, whether it be a new-build, a residential re-roof, or a commercial roof, we will come out once a year for 5 years to inspect that roof.
The reason we do this is to insure that the shingles that we put on that roof are properly doing their job.
Every shingle that we use comes with a long-term manufacturer's warranty.
That warranty does you no good if no one is going up on your roof to inspect those shingles.
Therefore, we will get up on your roof every year for 5 years to inspect your shingles.
Due to our use of high quality shingles and our standard of excellence in installing those shingles on your roof, the chances of any problems arising are very minuscule.
However, in the small chance that your roof does experience shingle-problems, we will be able to find them and get them fixed early on.
Most shingle defects that would be covered by the manufacturer's warranty manifest themselves in the first 1-3 years, but we will do an inspections for the first 5 years, just to make sure your roof is in perfect working order for the long term.

Installation Details

Along with giving you an in-house 5-year inspection program, we also take great care in installing your roof.
Unlike some roofing companies out there that will cut corners in order to increase their profits, we will never cut corners, and we will always go the extra mile to make sure your roof meets our standard of excellence.
We make sure we do things today that we can stand behind tomorrow.
We believe it is in our best interest to take care of our customers, even if we lessen our profit now, we know that satisfied customers will benefit us in the long term, both with our reputation and reviews, and with referrals.